Children form the core of our community and Udhbhavaha intends to provide a fertile soil where the child learns to fearlessly explore and express

Some of the values that children at Udhbhavaha strive to imbibe

  • Learns to be sahaj which in turn builds confidence
  • Experiences freedom – as an outcome of what the child feels when he is aligned with his inner self
  • Can live in harmony with self, others and surrounding
  • Can develop deep observation skills and contemplate. Develops the vivek shakti.
  • Is equipped to find answers
  • Can think logically
  • Lives by the core values of Udhbhavaha
    • Eternal Truth (Sanathana Sathya) – that which is true at all times and for all people
    • Integrity (Satyanishta)
    • Sensitivity (Samvedansheelata)
    • Karthavyanishta