We were seeking answers to a myriad of questions… What is the purpose of our life? What does happiness mean to us? What skills do we need for living? How are we connected to our land and culture? Why we seem so disconnected in this age of hyper-connectivity? Are we really independent? What kind of parents are we? What kind of children are we giving to society? Are we using our human faculties to its fullest potential? What does it mean to lead a contented life? 

While there could be umpteen explanations to the above questions, we arrived at the fact that ideally, our education should have equipped us to find these answers. If that is so, then, what is real education? Is our present education system really equipping us to find these answers? Instead, we see that today’s education structure has left us to feel disconnected, blinded and bonded with a false sense of freedom. Many of us continue to live in ignorance; some realize the falsity of our society and way of life but choose to be blinded and bonded and very few walks this path of realization and attempt to break free from it.   

We are in this ongoing journey of understanding real education and its connectedness to life. In this journey, inspired by the thoughts and works of Shri KS Narayanacharya, Shri Ravindra Sharma, Shri Dharampal, and Shri Pawan Gupta, we became cognizant of the fact that the inquiry into education inevitably connects us to our Bharatiya culture, history and social fabric. From this continuous pursuit, emerged the dream of Udhbhavaha.