Our Vision

To create an aesthetic environment grounded in Bharatiyata where children and adults learn to live with ನಿರಾಳತೆ*.

*ನಿರಾಳತೆ(niraalate) – A Kannada non-translatable that stands for simplicity, being at peace, balanced and happy. 

Our Values

Satyanishte (Integrity)

In our conscience, conduct and convictions.

Sanathana Sathya (Eternal Truth) 

That is true at all times and for all people. This, in turn, upholds Dharma – that which sustains everything.

Sookshmathe (Sensitivity)

Self-awareness, Aware of the surrounding and empathetic.

Karthavyanishte (Duty conscious)

Conscious of our duty towards self, family, society , nation world and nature.

Sahajate (Simplcity)

Our inherently natural state of just being.