Deep into the womb of mud,
Away from the torrential rain,
Shielded from the scorching sun,
Guarded from all the pain….

I awaited to come out,
To grow and to swing,
Ah,when would I sprout?
Into a little sapling..

My mother,mud, had foretold,
You would grow manifold,
And God’s blessings would be sent…
But I was little impatient….

Myriad feelings went through…
Should I run with water and wind?
To look out for better places..
Away from my mother,so kind.

Or should I ask for more food,
May be chemicals would do good…
I would stand as a tree so fast,
So what if I did not last..
The trees would bear fruits in no time,
So what if they don’t reach their prime…

While I pondered over my fate,
A gentle rain wiped the spate,
A soothing sun kissed my heart,
A small leaf grew ,it was the start….

I remembered my mother’s song so sweet,
That I need to seek myself,first inside…
And as I expand my arms ,roots and feet,
The world will stand by my side..

I will grow… slow but steady,
And I should aspire for what I need,
Before you see,I would be ready
For I am that tiny, little yet strong seed….

-Sandhya Akka